Moments of Discontent

Moments of Discontent

Moments of Discontent

So sad is my state of being right now
So hard for me to see the sunshine
Pain it seams wants its name known,
Within this body so small and incomplete
Oh! how my heart cry’s its discontent

The wind blows stronger as I allow the pain to own me
Forgetting that I have a choice to think otherwise.
The vibration of sadness is felt like a knife in the heart
Wispery clouds like fingers reach out to snatch me away
And away I would go too! Just to be rid of this pain.

Oh! hear my cry of discontent, it rattles the doorways of the blind
Just to show them that ‘ALL’ is needed for the BECOMING OF ONE’.
Balance is the key, this I see so clearly
That is where I am right now!
The good the bad, the negative and positive
Acceptance of ALL that is.
knowing that ‘WHAT IS’, ‘ISN’T ALL’.

Ah! but my mind is so structured
I was taught to believe in angels with wings
But in my dreams all were connections
The wings did not exist.
Instead they shone like gold and silver
Like sapphires and rubies

To live is just a dream
Structured ways we have been taught
My physical being believes what i believe.
If I say ‘it can’t be done’, then so be it!
Self worth is needed in all experiences.
Even in pain.
Even the lack of bodily muscles
Even the loss of a limb.

If I say how do I get there
Then that is the answer
Better to know that I am already there





Now to some it might seem silly and to some it may seem strange
But to feel the energy from a stone or tree does not mean that you’re insane
Now there are some who tell the future and there are some that know the past
But to feel the energy from a crystal ball is more than just a blast
Now to some it might seem scary and to some it might seem tame
But to feel the coming energy from a sudden storm
Does not mean that you’re to blame
Now it’s called being empathic, well that’s what I was told
Another level of awareness, another level for young and old
Now some they say are born that way and some say you can learn
While others say it’s a gift from god that has to be earned
There are some that know if a friend is ill from miles and miles away
And some can read your very thoughts and some get led astray
Now some are meant to have it and some are not meant to at all
I think it depends on the choices we make on weather we hear the call.© Written By Robyn Brown

photo by willowbrookwrittings

photo by willowbrookwrittings


Consciousness is shifting.
Clashing in the air.
Drum beat speeding up, ascension.
Color, rainbows and fluttering
Like a birth ©

~Channeled through Donna Alarie by the Archangel Michael
Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Spelling and stuff like that!


Those that come to my blog will see many spelling mistakes and stuff like that LOL my blog will help you get over that hangup or it will drive you mad…you get to choose GRINZ ❤

Happy Fathers Day To A Bricklayer

Strong foundations you have given me

And many you have built

And the strength within your structure is quite sound

Like the mixing of the mortar
To the laying of the bricks

Step by step is what you taught me

And day-by-day the building grows

All of this and more I thank you for

‘My father’

For you have taught me how to build

And I know that my foundations

Thanks to you
Will never yield.

Written By Robyn Brown

Fathers day comes once a year!
I wrote this one for my father in the year 2000 when he was still working.

Sunrise 31 of August 2012


Each day is new and I am reminded of that as I look at my view, I can remember moments I have had, some good some bad, depends on which way you look at it, I look at mine now as an experiences, i don’t  label it good or bad anymore, waste of time, it is what it is, an experience. ❤

Angels are always with us!



When i first saw this cloud racing across the sky it reminded me of an angel, when it caught up with the sun it hovered there long enough for me to take some nice photo’s…this is one of them ❤