Moments of Discontent

Moments of Discontent

Moments of Discontent

So sad is my state of being right now
So hard for me to see the sunshine
Pain it seams wants its name known,
Within this body so small and incomplete
Oh! how my heart cry’s its discontent

The wind blows stronger as I allow the pain to own me
Forgetting that I have a choice to think otherwise.
The vibration of sadness is felt like a knife in the heart
Wispery clouds like fingers reach out to snatch me away
And away I would go too! Just to be rid of this pain.

Oh! hear my cry of discontent, it rattles the doorways of the blind
Just to show them that ‘ALL’ is needed for the BECOMING OF ONE’.
Balance is the key, this I see so clearly
That is where I am right now!
The good the bad, the negative and positive
Acceptance of ALL that is.
knowing that ‘WHAT IS’, ‘ISN’T ALL’.

Ah! but my mind is so structured
I was taught to believe in angels with wings
But in my dreams all were connections
The wings did not exist.
Instead they shone like gold and silver
Like sapphires and rubies

To live is just a dream
Structured ways we have been taught
My physical being believes what i believe.
If I say ‘it can’t be done’, then so be it!
Self worth is needed in all experiences.
Even in pain.
Even the lack of bodily muscles
Even the loss of a limb.

If I say how do I get there
Then that is the answer
Better to know that I am already there

The Beat Of A Distant Drum

The Beat Of A Distant Drum.
A dream within a dream within a dream
spinning slowly I can see them one by one.
All of them I enter as the dreamer
as if in tune to the beat of a distant drum.

As the dreamer I can see them all so clearly
this one gathers and that one sows oh so discretely.
Balance follows and fits in rather neatly
some are bolder than another quiet completely.

Spinning faster I can focus on another
from a past life when I was my own mother.
Watched me grow into an old remembered other
watched me change from a sister to a brother.

As the dreamer I create my own connections
ones that last, unlike hand/made inventions.
To help me through all the not so good intentions
and the moments from the past all full of tensions.

A dream within a dream within a dream
spinning slowly I can see them one by one.
All of them I enter as the dreamer
as if in tune to the beat of a distant drum.©
-written By Robyn BrownImage

Living In The Ether’s

Living In The Ether's

Living In The Ether’s

Iv been living in the ether’s
spinning this and that, quiet bold
Going backwards through my lifetimes
seeing what in truth was told.

All the names I was, have now faded,
like the names of native plants, now gone
Advancement over all the ages
shining forth just like a song.

I have been A thousand times before?
I have been to other places?
I have wandered through the milky way
and I have filled in all the spaces.

Sifted and sorted, refined like gold
thinking thoughts that turn a key
Sewing seeds to start another life
knowing all that is and will be. ©
Written By Robyn Brown




Now to some it might seem silly and to some it may seem strange
But to feel the energy from a stone or tree does not mean that you’re insane
Now there are some who tell the future and there are some that know the past
But to feel the energy from a crystal ball is more than just a blast
Now to some it might seem scary and to some it might seem tame
But to feel the coming energy from a sudden storm
Does not mean that you’re to blame
Now it’s called being empathic, well that’s what I was told
Another level of awareness, another level for young and old
Now some they say are born that way and some say you can learn
While others say it’s a gift from god that has to be earned
There are some that know if a friend is ill from miles and miles away
And some can read your very thoughts and some get led astray
Now some are meant to have it and some are not meant to at all
I think it depends on the choices we make on weather we hear the call.© Written By Robyn Brown

Eternal Validity

Eternal Validity

Eternal Validity

Send positive vibrations outwards to those in need
send comfort to those whose hearts now bleed
from loved ones now gone to other places
lets now all help to fill in the spaces.

Show them love that comes from within
show them again how to begin
Hold there hand and listen well
for the tail is theirs, for them to tell.

Don’t judge or belittle their searching ways
for nothing ever really stays
And sometimes balance is all that’s needed
hence what one goes through, is always completed.

A life time of passiveness can become an imbalance
and the same goes for aggression with too much unbalance
All in all remember the balance will come
for eternal validity is not just for some! ©-Written By Robyn Brown


Forgotten Wisdom!

Forgotten Wisdom!

This ‘Poem’ is about a woman who never knew what trusting her ‘gut feelings’ actually meant.
I am so pleased to be a part of this wonderful page and the people who are in it, so much to learn here❤
A big Thank You To The Spiritual Events Directory❤❤❤

Forgotten Wisdom! 18th Nov 2010

Cobwebs of antiquity,
or traditions from folk-lore?
Forgotten ancient wisdom,
swept out the door.

Listen, hush, I hear a noise,
can’t you hear it too?
Sounds like footsteps on the stairs,
Please tell me it was you.

Was that a ghost I spied,
from the corner of my eye?
And why did I feel dizzy,
when that person walked by?

I was meant to travel by plane today,
to see my darling daughter.
But fear and dread crept in my thoughts,
of flying over water.

So I went to the doctor,
to see if I was sane.
And he gave me medication,
said they would tame my brain.

Now I don’t hear the footsteps,
and I am ready to fly.
And I don’t see the ghosts
from the corner of my eye.

Sitting on the plane,
flying over water.
I heard a noise, and then a scream.
I didn’t get to see my darling daughter. © Written by Robyn Brown

Sounds of thunder

Sounds of thunder

its always good to have a laugh, so enjoy:)
Sounds of thunder.

Cloudy skies above my head,
Sounds of thunder filled with dread.
Frowning faces join the cue.
And stand in line to use the Loo.
Muffled sighs from the back of the line.
Putrid fumes of fermented wine.
Then in horror and to my dismay,
My stomach grumbled as clear as day.
Shuffling feet upon the floor,
Getting closer to the door.
Beads of sweat form on my brow,
As a bubble of wind threatens to disembowel.
And then what followed was to gross to explain
But all could tell that I was in pain.
And then at last my turn had come.
Only to find no Loo paper to wipe my bum.