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Sunrise 31 of August 2012


Each day is new and I am reminded of that as I look at my view, I can remember moments I have had, some good some bad, depends on which way you look at it, I look at mine now as an experiences, i don’t  label it good or bad anymore, waste of time, it is what it is, an experience. ❤


Angels are always with us!



When i first saw this cloud racing across the sky it reminded me of an angel, when it caught up with the sun it hovered there long enough for me to take some nice photo’s…this is one of them ❤

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!


Today its raining, i look out my window and see the rain over the bay, small boats are rocking to the vibration of the rain drops as they tread there watery path both the boat and the rain sending out there vibration…what a beautiful day when it rains 🙂Image

Thoughts and Vibrations.

ImageWe think thoughts and theirs a vibration that goes with it,
the thought itself we are aware of.
The vibration is automatic and mostly un-felt.
Having the awareness of knowing this however puts things in a different light.
ask yourself this …
Is the thought from the past, or future?
does it control your NOW?