Thinking about ‘Emotions’


Emotions are a pain in the bum at times and other times they seem to be of great relief.
I enjoy happy emotions but I don’t enjoy anger or sadness or depression.
So I think to myself, how do I change the negative into a positive when it comes to emotions.
This is what I have found!

Ask yourself this question; Is that emotion from the past, present, or the
future: the what-ifs and maybes?

The present has no ‘time’ attached to it, as does the past or future.
Therefore the past and the future don’t belong in the present..
Now you may ask what is in the present ?….This is the tricky part,
we get to choose what is in our ‘present’ it can be a visualization of blue skies, sunbeams, a sunrise or even Love.
It’s a place where the ‘past’ and the future what-ifs and maybes can’t be in control when u feel sad or angry or frustrated….bring yourself back to the present.
..and done enough times u will find that the things that got to you before just
fall away…those things still come to mind but it’s like you have became the
watcher of them…It leaves’ you’ in control of ‘you’!


3 thoughts on “Thinking about ‘Emotions’

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