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Moments of Discontent

Moments of Discontent

Moments of Discontent

So sad is my state of being right now
So hard for me to see the sunshine
Pain it seams wants its name known,
Within this body so small and incomplete
Oh! how my heart cry’s its discontent

The wind blows stronger as I allow the pain to own me
Forgetting that I have a choice to think otherwise.
The vibration of sadness is felt like a knife in the heart
Wispery clouds like fingers reach out to snatch me away
And away I would go too! Just to be rid of this pain.

Oh! hear my cry of discontent, it rattles the doorways of the blind
Just to show them that ‘ALL’ is needed for the BECOMING OF ONE’.
Balance is the key, this I see so clearly
That is where I am right now!
The good the bad, the negative and positive
Acceptance of ALL that is.
knowing that ‘WHAT IS’, ‘ISN’T ALL’.

Ah! but my mind is so structured
I was taught to believe in angels with wings
But in my dreams all were connections
The wings did not exist.
Instead they shone like gold and silver
Like sapphires and rubies

To live is just a dream
Structured ways we have been taught
My physical being believes what i believe.
If I say ‘it can’t be done’, then so be it!
Self worth is needed in all experiences.
Even in pain.
Even the lack of bodily muscles
Even the loss of a limb.

If I say how do I get there
Then that is the answer
Better to know that I am already there